Valeria Lieveld

In my practice I am taking the holistic approach to the body. My work is aimed to identify the root cause of a problem rather than just taking care of the symptoms.

Following studies and experience are at the foundation of my approach:

  • Degree in Psychology (Russia);
  • Basic medical education (the Netherlands);
  • Degree in Craniosacral Therapy (the Netherlands), www.upledger.nl;
  • Visceral therapist (the Netherlands, France) www.barralinstitute.com;
  • Practitioner and Qigong teacher, wmdao.ru;
  • Included in the international register of craniosacral and visceral therapists at www.upledger.com (Valeria Prokofieva).

Our body has the ability to absorb and store “unprocessed” feelings, emotions and traumas (both physical and emotional), which can subsequently be expressed in the form of tension chains, tissue compaction, mobility restrictions, postural and motor habits, which lead to a number of deteriorations of the body functions and reduced immunity.

I believe that our body needs physical contact. The body always knows exactly what it needs. My therapeutic task is to listen to your body, to allow it to tell its story and to help it activate its own resources, which are necessary for its self-regulation. This non-verbal dialogue by means of conscious touch is the main principle of my work.